Product no. 11: Clothes-hanger

Product purchased: October 2003
Product seller: Ikea, Espoo
Product price: Approx. 10 Euro

This is a clothes-hanger used for a couple of years in our house. It works ok.
As you can see, it is easy to lay a cap, for instance, on the hook.
This product which is from the same shop and same manufacturer but it was bought a couple of years later than the first one. This one looks different. The upper hooks sit tight next to the wall, not leaving any space in-between.
You cannot use the upper hooks to any advantage, the only ones you can use is the round knobs for coats, for example.
- Update: In December 2004, visiting the Espoo Ikea shop again. I wanted to replace the bad ones with new working ones. There was a basket containing these very same clothes-hangers. Picking a few of them at random produced the result that maybe half of them are miserably welded, resulting in an incorrect inclination of the fixing part versus the hook. I bought two good ones, and I also made a verbal complaint at a service desk about the quality control.

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