Product no. 13: Firewood

Product purchased: December 2003
Product seller: Neste Gas station, Olari
Product price: Approx. 15 Euro

Burning wood in fireplace is not very common these days compared to the old times. It is not common with those living in cities getting their firewood dried up. Wood is often bought in gas stations in packages like this.
This picture demonstrates a single brick of wood in the fireplace. It is set on fire with the aid of ordinary newspaper. The paper is burning in brisk flames. The purpose of the paper is to set fire to the wood. After five minutes the wood finally seems to start to burn by itself; however this is only for a short time.
Some more paper is added to ensure wood burning. However, as soon as paper has ceased to burn, the flames die, and the wood turns black. This is simply because of the moisture inside wood.
It takes considerable time, something like 25 minutes, to get the wood self-burn; considerable amounts of paper is thrown in the fireplace and a heap of ashes is generated. In this picture some more wood has been thrown to the fire. Obviously this kind of wood product would require a couple of months of warm sunshine unpackaged in summertime to become dry enough for immediate burning in fireplace.

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