Product no. 14: Lampshade

Product purchased: December 2003
Product seller: Stockmann, Helsinki
Product price: Approx. 10 Euro

This is lampshade of paper. After installation it remained hanging obliquely. The lamp is even about to touch the paper shade itself, which seems like a hazard.
The problem is the bad-formed metal grid that forms the structure for this lamp. As the appliance cable passes the horizontal bar at the top, it remains oblique since the fixing point for the cable is simply not designed properly for the task. E.g. the weight of the lamp is not taken into account as a factor contributing to the position of the bar once installed.
The fixing point is modified with the aid of pliers to take into account the properties of the support bar plus the effect of gravity on the fixing point. A knot is made to the appliance cable.
The lampshade now sits reasonably straight.

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