Product no. 15: Thermos bottle

Product purchased: July 2004
Product seller: Prisma, Espoo
Product manufacturer: Wallenius Oy, Tampere, Finland
Product price: 19,90 Euro

A trip (or a work day in my case) is always better with a good cup of coffee every now and then. This is a "Retki" bottle of 0.3 litres, for a couple of cups of liquid.
The bottle itself probably works ok, but there is a problem when bringing the bottle into use: the manufacturer chooses to place the paper slip containing the warranty details and operating instructions inside the bottle reservoir itself, and the slip cannot be easily pulled out.
Various methods were tried, from left to right in picture:
* scissors (1)
* clothespin (2)
* tweezers (3)
* whisk blade (4)
* wire (5)
* pliers (6)
* even water was considered (filling the bottle with water obviously would dissolve the paper). The above tools, maybe with the exception of pliers, are those normally at hand in a kitchen, where you'd open the product package.
Finally the paper was extracted with the aid of pliers; however, the paper would not come out in whole.
In fact I was glad that the operating instructions did not give guidance of how to get the paper out ..
No picture hereThe next day my wife happened to wind the nozzle out of the bottle, and the hole became much smaller. This greatly helps in pulling the paper out. But I maintain that many if not most of the consumers don't see this option.

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