Product no. 16: Towels-hanger A

Product purchased: July 2004
Product seller: Prisma, Espoo
Product price: Approx. 17 + 5 Euro

Two sets of towels-hangers were installed in the bathroom.
Installation was not quite straightforward. It is because the set of screws for the hangers were not of appropriate size. More precisely, the plugs in the picture for the bigger hanger are quite tiny, short and thin; the length of the screw by far exceeds the length of the plug. Thus before winding the screw the plug must be pushed far into the depth of the hole in the wall, and finally the grip is far from optimum.
Curiously enough, the plug for the SMALLER hanger is exaggeratingly long, thick and robust. Note that I didn't mix up the sets of screws, the two towels-hangers were sold separately.

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