Product no. 17: Cap

Product purchased: July 2004
Product seller: Kapteenska, Iso Omena, Espoo
Product price: 20 Euro
Product manufacturer/brand: Aigle

In Finland, summer is the best season for wearing a cap. In this picture, however, there is something peculiar with the cap.
This is a relatively new brand.
The problem is that the strap clip that is used for adjusting to the person's head size is detached from the cap border. It is not sure why this occurred; maybe there was an inappropriate way of releasing the strap from the cap for adjusting, by loosing the clip as a whole, versus just opening the clip mechanism. However, the belief is that this kind of problem can be caused even without wrong handling.
A closer look to the problem.
I assume that the clip as manufactured is fastened either with a snap or with a through-tissue eyelet. Here is the situation as seen from the cap interior.
This problem is an easy one to fix. Just replace the eyelet (or snap) with a miniature screw and bolt to make the clip tight to the cap body.
The winter is passed, and the cap is taken out of the wardrobe. It turns out that the screw has vanished. This time the latch part is stitched to the cap.
Just a minor aesthetic concern.

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