Product no. 178: Printer

Product purchased: 2008
Product seller: Konekulma, Asikkala
Product price: Not known
Product manufacturer/brand: Epson

I hate printers! I hate changing ink cartridges to printers! I hate waiting till the mechanism brings the ink cartidges accessible for replacement! And, on this specific printer, I hate that while the printer manual tells how to check the ink level which involves moving the cartridges to an accessible position, the knob which should be pushed has no effect! The ink compartment moves only when any of the inks is already out! Silly!

And indeed, one beautiful day the printer stopped working. There was an error message indicating that a proper cartridge cannot be recognized. The message is contradictory in the sense that the printer monitoring software is able to tell that the cartridge installed is of type T0892/T0712 (see text toward the lower edge of picture), while it also tells that you should use original cartridges of type T0892/T0712 (text a bit up).

Cartridges are nicely placed in the compartment.

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