Product no. 19: Remote controlled car

Product purchased: November 2004
Product seller: Stockmann, Helsinki
Product price: Approx. 80 Euro
Product manufacturer/brand: Nikko

Our sons received the cards as Christmas present. Red car to the left is a Cyber Speeder 2, and green car to the right is a Cyber Speeder 1. During a week's use, the red card has been plagued by three different weak points in the design.
Having been in use only one day, the bigger (red) car started to have problems; it was totally dead. Sporadically it worked ok for some seconds or minutes. It was better if one shaked it. After some investigation it turned out that one of the battery connectors didn't make contact reliably to the socket. This problem persisted since.
So, is this all? No!
The red card started to suffer steering problem, just after three days of use. Look at the two cars on the floor on the parquet floor. The green car keeps going straight ahead on its lane. The red car inclines strongly to the right.
The green car has a manual setting for adjusting the inclination, see the arrow. Even when set to the utmost "left" position, the car keeps inclining to the right.
A third start. Is it otherwise OK? No, it isn't!
The battery power is exhausted, it must be recharged. This is sometimes easy, but sometimes the lid will not open.
Looking closely, there appears to be some thin leads obstructing the lid opening.
A screw-driver is a handy tool to clear out the leads.
Having opened the lid, it appears that the battery leads indeed are protruding, and there is no clip along the way to fix the leads.
It is hard to keep smiling!

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