Product no. 2: Belt clip for cellular phone Nokia 2110

Product purchased: 10.11.98.
Product seller: Not known
Brand/manufacturer: Not known ("Made in Finland")
Product price: Approx. 45 FIM

In the beginning the product was ok. In absence of real person, a laundry basket holds the system.
The spring clip easily loses its strength. In this case it was probably due to a situation where I pulled off my shirt, with the belt on my trousers not fully released. The clip was on the way so it suffered some damage.
A wooden stick was developed to act the member giving the spring force. Buying a new similar product wouldn't have been worthwhile; it could have met the same problem. The wood sticke has been painted black.
The stick has been pushed to the clip part.
Demonstration of the new installation.
Another demo, this time with a slimmer person.

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Kiitos käynnistä - Thank you.