Product no. 207: Refrigerator door handle

Product purchased: 2007
Product seller: Gigantti, Espoo
Product price: Approx. 1600 Eur
Product manufacturer/brand: Miele

The handle on the doors of this refrigerator is a special one which moves in the direction of z-axis; furthermore it relies on a piece of metal making it look nice. This metal piece needs to move in the direction of z-axis, along the edge of the door.

One nice day it happened that the metal piece got detached.

A close-up of the piece and the mechanism. The small moving metal part has a kind of pin which should clip on to a slot in the handle. Apparently metal fades away gradually so the fastening gets loose.

It appears that there is nothing to really hold the metal piece in its place than the slot for the pin.

A quick cure: some adhesive tape was added.

The freezer compartment handle is of the same sort. This handle is plagued by the whole rivet based mechanism getting loose, and therefore the handle fixing shows up tilted here.

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