Product no. 208: Tennis scoring stand

Venue: Talin Tenniskeskus, Helsinki
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Tennis is a great game. It is possible even to play it outdoors in summer.

Each won game in a set earns one white ball, and each won set in a match earns one red ball. However, some of the courts had scoring balls arranged like this, one one side red balls are on the lower row, on the other side they are on the higher row. Some of the balls are missing, since they have been worn out and fallen off. And other than that, the metal frame is miserably bent. - Note that this very tennis center is the largest and most well-known place to play tennis in Finland; even some championship games are arranged here (but on those courts the ball system is obviously in proper shape).

On one of the courts we took this kind of marking into use; a second set when won is higlighted with a tennis ball tied to the bar with a belt.

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