Product no. 210: Lamp E

Product purchased: 2007
Product seller: Top Valo, Espoo
Product price: Approx. 300 Eur
Product manufacturer/brand: Paulmann

This is a light-weight lighting system for rooms such as kitchen.

The lamps work out of mains voltage, and G9 type halogen bulbs.

The lighting was ok until the first bulb had to be replaced. The G9's from the conventional stores (left and center in the picture) were a bit different than Paulmann's G9's (extreme right; this has a black spot since it is blown); they didn't get a good hold of the hole in the lamp so they could lose electrical contact, or even fall off. Paulmann's bulbs do the job, but are more expensive, and can only bought in a few places in Finland.

A closer examination reveals that Paulmann bulbs (and the Paulmann lamp socket) rely on a more wide and sharp form factor at the two ends of the socket hole (yellow arrows pointing to the the respective part in the bulb). - And, as is often true in this kind of situations: the salesman in the shop was not aware of problems using bulbs from other suppliers.

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