Product no. 227: Freezer

Product purchased: 2010
Product seller: Tekniset Konekulma, Vääksy
Product price: 249 Eur
Product manufacturer/brand: Upo

This freezer was purchased to have a bit more space for cold food.
Here are three lamps, one switch and one adjustment button.
The handbook says you can switch off the equipment by winding the button to position "0". There is no position "0" on the button. There is a dot but not a dot plus a "0" like in the handbook. It takes a lot of force to wind the button from position "1" toward position "0", I didn't do that in the end, thinking the the button will break. The handbook says that the express cold generation is activate by winding the button to position "4".
Making a phone call to the shop revealed that the express cold generation is activated by the pushbutton switch, not by position "4" of the adjustment button. And, the guidebook says no word about the meaning of the three lamps. The logical place for explaining about the lamps would be on the page in the picture. - It's very common that instruction manuals have a text bold capitals emphasizing how important it is to read the instructions... this handbook does not raise the motivation.