Product no. 23: Lollipop

Product purchased: January 2005
Product seller: Eurospar, Espoo
Product price: 0.25 Euro
Product manufacturer/brand: Chupa

What has a lollipop and nail scissors to do with each other?
The problem is you cannot get the wrapping stripped off the lollipop without a tool. This is obviously very annoying if you have bought a lollipop for your kid, and are on the go, without a tool.
Even with scissors, you may first try a wrong method. Starting at the base makes no good; it may even break the stick apart.
The correct way is by poking a hole in the wrapping in the round candy part, and and widening the hole from there.
Here you are, you can now tear off the rest of the wrapping around the candy part with your finger.
Then you grasp the wrapping with one hand and the round part with the other hand, and rotate the stick so the remaining wrapping moves along the stick and comes out.
Here you are!

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