Product no. 257: Refrigerator B

Product purchased: 2007
Product seller: Tekniset Konekulma, Vääksy
Product price: Appr. 570 Eur
Product manufacturer/brand: Upo

It's very common that the knobs and lamps on refrigerator-freezer combo equipment are placed in separate places. The controls for the freezer often are on the outside at the top, and the controls for the refrigerator are inside the cabinet. So it is also in this case. The only problem in this setup is that a person who does not use these equipment often has hard time to remember how the setup is. - On this picture the panel for the freezer is visible.
The refrigerator compartment.
A close-up of the controls.
It would clearly help if there was a text beside each of the controls group explaining what these are about. Like here.
...and like here.