Product no. 28: Flight bag

Product purchased: 2003
Product seller: Stockmann, Tapiola
Product price: Approx. 70 Eur
Product manufacturer/brand: Samsonite

Let's fly! This is a suitcase allowed as hand baggage e.g. by the wellknown Finnish flight carrier.
This is the fixing mechanism for the elbow-carry strap. (One can also hand-carry the bag with a handle on top.)
The other end of the strap looks like this. The latch has fallen off. The suitcase has been in use twice; it was bought about 1.5 years before the incident came.
There is no remedy other than replacing the fixing mechanism with a ring. To take away the old fixing part it must be sawed.
The ring is turned to make it to the strap.
Ready for service.
The missing part was found afterwards, the picture shows that the tip has fallen off so it cannot keep hold of the knob. Even an amateur can judge that the strength of this part is not enough for the destined use.

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