Product no. 29: Thongs

Product purchased: 2003
Product seller: Sokos, Tapiola
Product price: 11 Eur
Product manufacturer/brand: Not known (Vietnam)

The doctor recommended to use thongs while in bathroom. So this model of thongs was bought.
Surprise! There is a radical difference in how the foot sits in the thongs. The size was checked to be the same for both.
Also the heels don't match with each other.
It was very difficult to find out what the reason was. A yardstick is used to measure the dimensions. It turns out that the outer strap for the right thong is 1.3 cm longer than for the left thong. There is a minor difference also for the inner-side strap.
The fixing point at the sole of the foremost strap deviates a bit as well. No easy cure was found to the problem. The shop was willing to replace the thongs to new ones; they looked good in the shop, but at home it turned out that even the new ones had a length difference for the outer strap, and the result is still unaesthetic. Anyway it is obvious that the difference is not due to any difference between left and right foot, but the thongs themselves.

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