Product no. 30: Washing machine no. 2

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Product manufacturer/brand: Bosch WOL 2050

This all happens on a rented cottage in Lapland. You have collected the clothes to wash. Having loaded the machine and closed the lid, you select the program. Suddenly, as you press the Start button, a loud clashing sound is heard. You think this is not normal and switch off the mains outlet. Why this can happen to you is firstly because the machine is a top-fill model which is not very common, and also because you anyway are not familiar with this specific model; you are far away from home.
By closer examination it appears that the drum lid was not closed as it should, and the drum stays stuck due to the lid latch in a position where you cannot even get access to the lid again. You didn't pay attention to that when finishing filling the drum. The machine had just started to revolve the drum using brute force, not being aware of the lid being open. Possibly the machine gets broken if left powered for an extended period.
One could think of two different solutions to avoid the hazard. First, it could be arranged that the top lid of the machine would not close if the drum lid stays open. However, in this model the drum sits quite deep and the lid doors are not able to obstruct the top lid at all. Second, if furnished with an electronic latch sensor the control logic would be aware of either the drum lid being not latched, or the top lid being open.
In order to release the drum, a half-meter long cord was slipped through the lid bracket, and the drum was rotated with brute force to its standstill position. Happy enough, in this case the machine was not broken but was ready for service again.

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