Product no. 33: Flash light

Product purchased: June 2006
Product seller: Not known
Product price: Not known
Product manufacturer/brand: Not known

One of the numerous 5-year Christmas presents that our son received.
Flash lights are quite simple machines, consisting of an enclosure (metal or plastic), case for the bulb, the bulb itself, the battery, and the on/off switch. In some models, there is a cap for the battery compartment which may involve a spring. However, the designer of this model has managed to create this model in such a way that the switch got broken after only 7 days. Even initially the switch action was quite loose.
Another failure was also found. In this model the battery is rechargeable, and the battery part can be detached from the body for charging. It turned out that the battery would not any more attach back to the body. The cause for this is that the plugs that make the contact are of poor material and are twisted following a few days' use.

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