Product no. 36: Lamp

Product purchased: 2004
Product seller: Stockmann, Helsinki
Product price: Approx. 120 e
Product manufacturer/brand: Not known

This stand lamp has two lamps in it. It is a very good solution for lighting the drawing room.
This is the halogen bulb of the bigger lamp. The problem it has is that the way of fixing the glass cover is bad. The cover is obviously designed to prevent dust circulation as well as to prevent accidental contact to the hot bulb surface.
The glass lid is fixed at the two ends with clips. However, it is not fixed on the sides at all. The holder for the glass lid is a very elastic material and the lid easily slips out of the holder.
The solution would be very easy: to add clips to the sides.
For some time the lamp was used without implementing any change, only tightening the screws at the two ends. But some time later the glass cover indeed is found dangerously misplaced.
The fix has been implemented.

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