Product no. 38: Salt package

Product purchased: August 2006
Product seller: S-Market, Espoo
Product price: Approx. 5 e
Product manufacturer/brand: Akzo Nobel

In Jozo we trust. For decades have we enjoyed this brand giving a taste to Finnish home food.
It is not possible to pour salt out of this package.
The pouring tip is a sandwhich structure, consisting of an inner flip (part of the package body material) and a separate tip piece. The inner flip tends to stick to the hole sides and will not move freely.
The flip even bends towards the inside of the package. A knife is handy to remedy the situation.
Obviously this tip should sit tight to the flip with glue. If there ever was glue, it has ripped off.
This is how the package seems after one a couple of months. A spoon is used for dosing since pouring the salt is not possible.

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