Product no. 42: Mitre box

Product purchased: October 2006
Product seller: Starkki, Espoo
Product price: Approx. 17 e
Product manufacturer/brand: Not known (China)

With this device you can make mitre angles to wood, e.g. 45 degrees.
This product has several handicaps. One of them is that when you adjust the mitre to 45 degrees following the markings on the wheel, it becomes not exactly 45 degrees, but it is in reality 43.5 degrees. If you aim to adjust to 135 degress, you get 136.5. This is simply because the scale is wrong. There are also positions for the wheel to latch, and they are correct, 45 and 135 degrees, as well as for values 15, 30, 60, 75 etc. Only the markings on the wheel are incorrect.
As mentioned, there are others to come. This picture shows the bottom position that the saw sits in when it has reached through the wood. It appears that sawing the last few millimeters is hard work, the saw is resistant due to friction against the vertical bars. It would help if the movement of the saw was allowed to cross the bottom level by a few millimeters.
Yet more to come. This is a mechanism for pressing the wood piece against the back wall. There is a thread for adjusting for each wood piece. Unhappily, the thread is poorly manufactured; the first time the bolt moved one turn, then got stuck so that it no more turns in either direction.
A detail.
This is the result; the piece will not detach since the saw was not able to make it to the end.

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