Product no. 55: Curtain

Product purchased: April 2007
Product seller: Helsinki
Product price: Approx. 25 Euro

A scene out of the window in our bedroom. We have installed a roll curtain.
The glass is broken.
Some debris.
The uppper part of windows seems like this right after the incident. The cause: The curtain had been installed according to the instuctions; it was rolled down, and then released; the rotation of the spring mechanicsm did not stop as early as appropriate, but it turned several rounds even after the curtain was fully up; the operating cord followed, and the hard plastic knob at the tail of the know followed, of course. The knob heavily hit the windwow and created a large crack.
The cord should be attached again to the bar.
The cord has been fixed with new, more robust screwdrivers.
Unfortunately, no photo of the real root cause can be shown; the hard plastic knob that sat at the tail of the operating cord was discarded once the root case was found.

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