Product no. 58: Camera extender lens system

Product purchased: March 2007
Product seller: Not known
Product price: Approx. 170 Eur

This camera model is extensible; it can be complemented with a tele lens, a wide lens and a macro lens. The parts from left to right:
- Camera A710
- Closing ring of Camera A710 lens
- Auxiliary extender no. 1 ("also called lens adapter")
- Auxiliary extender no. 2
- Wide converter lens
- Cover of the converter lens
The user has mounted the parts and taken some nice pictures. Then he/she attempts to disassemble the setup. The big part "Wide converter ..." and the extender ring no. 2 (the thinner one) are somehow stuck together. A closer examination of instruction manual reveals that this kind of setup is not even the intended one. Thus the route route cause is due to the user not having carefully read the user instruction. The extender ring comes comprised in package that the user has to buy in order to put the wide conversion into operation, but in fact it should only be used in case of a tele lens converter setup. A secondary cause is that the instruction fails to explain how to detach the extender ring in case the user has mounted it.
This is the correct setup.
It took plenty of time to get remedy. The helpdesk was contacted, but they were not really able to tell any instruction what to do; they only referred to the user instruction. - This is how the ring is detached: The user has to put his/her finger to the inside of the ring, and then wind the ring backward.
If user only winds having a grip only on the external surface, it causes additional pressure of the ring towards the thread so that there is too much friction for the ring to rotate at all. - Just for the sake of curiosity: Pictures on this web page that include the A710 camera itself are taken with the video camera which shows in the background in this picture.

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