Product no. 61: Cell phone no. 2

Product purchased: Approx. 2004
Product seller: Nokia
Product price: Approx. 600 Eur

A flagship product in the handheld communicator space.
After a few years in use, the display often stayed dead. It was determined by testing that the device did not tolerate the lid being opened too hastily.
The only way to get the display correct is that the lid to be opened a few times in succession, very gently each time.
Gentle ... and soft movement ...
Device shows up with normal display contents.
Yet another irritating detail: The device phone section is really slow in many of the menu operations. This is true also regarding the selection of telephone number, using the communicator keypad. The numbers appear on the display pane as the number is keyed in, but the device's own selection bar is too slow, so that if you press the "call" button, it may be that the selection bar chooses the first short number on the contacts list, and the phone pursues with that number when signaling to the network goes on, so you will reach somebody you didn't aim for.
So you must simply hold on until you are sure the selection bar has moved on to point to the correct dialed number.

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