Product no. 62: Intelligent stove

Product purchased: May 2007
Product seller: Gigantti, Espoo Lommila
Product price: Approx. 1300 Eur

A modern stove, with two ignition plates and two conventional plates, all contained under a ceramic level. Note that kitchen construction is on-going, the fixing tapes will be removed with final installation.
Main power switch is pressed.
Adjusting the power level for the left rear plate.
It's getting hot in there.
The kettle along with a lonely sausage has been moved to face the left rear plate.
The prior stove was a good old conventional one, so the user is still a bit careless about the manouvers; he/she chooses to slide the red kettle somewhat to the left.
The bottom of the kettle touches the main power switch, indeed, causing the power to disconnect; the indicator for the left rear plate shows dashes = switched to OFF.
The whole logic of the power switch is ruined by the utmost idea of security (and idealism). The power switch is too hard to accept a "POWER ON" command.
Furthermore, switching OFF an individual plate (which as everyone knows is a commonly needed feature) is only possible by pressing the minus (-) button several times to get the reading down to zero. Really awful.

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