Product no. 7: Toy car 2

Product purchased: December 2003
Product seller: Asematunneli, Helsinki
Product price: 1 Eur

This is a "Flying Horse" toy car. It was bought as a Christmas present. The price was only 1 euro, since this product was on sale in a shop which only sells products that have a price of exactly one euro!
The first time I touched with my thumb the rear wheel of the card, the rear axle with the engine got detached from the platform.
The engine is held in place by two fingers, and any of them can give in so much as to make the engine break apart. This can be repaired by punching a few holes and stitching the engine with cord or wire. The product seems to have failed undergo any test with a real user of the toy before manufacture. The manufactured lot has been distributed for sale. "Made in China", again.

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