Product no. 72: Camping tent

Product purchased: Approx. 2001
Product seller: Not known
Product price: Approx. 150 Eur

This picture shows how installation of a camping tent is started.
These pieces hold the sticks together as a framework for the tent.
Three of the plastic pieces have been broken. The reason is maybe rain swelling on the roof combined with wind.
The owner has fabricated equivalent metallic pieces to replace the bad ones.
Here is a spring which maintains the joint and the stick together, once it has found its way to the slot in the joint. This spring is, due to bad manufacture and tolerances, too abrupt at the bend, which makes both installation and dismantling tough. With a bit less aggressive slope at the corner, the spring could be pushed down by the plastic part; now it will not happen.
Some of the springs are shy and would rather hide inside the stick, and it is tough to get them pop out.
A few of the sticks are pre-interconnected with the aid of a chain. The chain in turn is held in tension by an elastic or a spring of some kind inside the sticks. For many of the sticks the spring has lost its tension.
Due to these shortcomings it is very cumbersome to get the tent erect. It helps a lot if you have some Scotch tape available so the sticks are held better to each other.
The framework is now straight up.
The dwelling is now ready to receive inhabitants.
A camping tent is not a dome; so this is what happens in reality when there is rainfall. The framework sticks are so sparse that the rain forms vast ponds. The plastic material simply cannot be fixed so tight to the ground that the roof would stay line-straight; it will give up.
You can try how it feels to support a pond ..
The fundamental shortcoming can be cured by adding more sticks; in this case there was some electrical installation cable available, so it wasspinned up to cover the area between the original stick framework.
Even externally, the tent looks better off with these cables.

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