Product no. 73: Mattress inflator

Product purchased: 2005
Product seller: Not known
Product price: Approx. 15 Eur

It makes you breathless if you need to inflate a large mattress just through the mouth. An inflator pump helps.
The pump has an adapter part by which you can adapt to two different hole diameters, in the order of 5 ... 9 mm, which are often found in inflatable beach toys. In addition, if you detach the adapter part from the hose, you can plug to a still wider diameter, in the range of 20 mm. The two small pipes are same plastic part with each other, which is good, but the adapter part is not tied with the< hose. So you may easily lose the adapter.
A fix was implemented; small holes were drilled, and a steel wire was slipped through. Now the adapter will not fall off.

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