Product no. 74: Watering can

Product purchased: 2006
Product seller: Not known
Product price: Approx. 10 Eur

Industrial designers are under pressure of inventing stylish stylish look and feel for various products. One can find cases where the new design is cleary inferior in usability. This is the the case also with this product, although it looks nice.
What makes the design bad is that the pipe is not closed. You must be careful when tilting the can. A second feature which makes the first problem worsen still is that the pipe overall geometry is a bend form. Therefore you must be careful when pouring the water. Still, it may easily spill over. An illustration with a coloured liquid; you can see how strict the operating point is; if you increase tilt by just one degree it causes a dramatic effect on the flow.
I rely on this traditional design.

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